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Sponsored by Daam: QSRSN distributes prosthetic devices to handicapped persons in presence of their families


Under the auspices of Social and Sports Activities Support Fund (Daam), Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs (QSRSN) celebrated distribution of a number of prosthetic devices to a group of its affiliates with special needs in the presence of their families. The celebration was sponsored by HH His Excellency Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of QSRSN, in the presence of a delegation from Daam, chaired by Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif Al-Mannai, Deputy Executive Director of Daam, Mr. Ahmed Salem Al Ali, Director of Program Management, Mr. Hassan Youssef Al-Obaidli, Head of Activities Department, Ghanem Issa Al-Rumaihi, Head of Public Relations in Daam. The celebration was also attended by members of QSRSN and chaired by HH Mr. Rabia Bin Mohammed Al Kaabi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of QSRSN, Mr. Amir Al-Mulla, CEO of QSRSN, Mr. Talib Afifa, Member of the Board of Directors, as well as officials in Daam and QSRSN. The devices included medical wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, bathroom chairs, chairs tailored for children with severe disability, medical beds, hearing aids, and a group of prostheses. Furthermore, the celebration was attended by special needs fine artist Ms. Mariam Al Mulla. She gave officials of Daam an artistic painting drawn by her, which was applauded by the attendants.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif Al-Mannai, Deputy Executive Director of Daam, commended the leading role played by QSRSN to rehabilitate persons with special needs. He pointed out that the Daam support for QSRSN is intended to achieve the vision of Daam as to the comprehensive community development affecting the life of Qatari nationals at all levels. He also emphasized that delivering high quality services that meet the needs of the society as a whole is one of the key aspects of Qatar National Vision 2030, which is intended to be provided by Daam. Al-Mannai added “In Daam, we support social programs that aim to serve various segments of the society in Qatar in order to contribute to create a society that provides equal opportunities for all. Development and caring for various skills and abilities of persons with special needs is an essential role and we consider it as a national duty towards Qatar”. Al-Mannai said that all in Daam are very proud of the support granted by QSRSN members and they work closely to rehabilitate persons with special needs and enable them to integrate into the society in a step providing them with a decent life”.

Mr. Rabia Al Kaabi, Vice Chairman of QSRSN, praised Daam for its outstanding and appreciated support to QSRSN and its members of special needs. He expressed his great pleasure of the fruitful cooperation between Daam and QSRSN. Mr. Al Kaabi emphasized that such cooperation serves the interest of persons with special needs and significantly contributes to achievement of QSRSN objectives of rehabilitation and integration of persons with special needs into the society and secure a safe and dignified life for them in the Qatari society. Mr. Al Kaabi stated that provision of medical and prosthetic devices by Daam for persons with special needs has the greatest impact on assisting them to move and integrate into the society according to the type and requirements of disability, which are determined by QSRSN specialists. Al Kaabi stressed that QSRSN provides all information about the devices and methods of allocating and handing them to QSRSN members of special needs with full transparency. This is to maximize the benefit and support for those who actually deserve the same. Al Kaabi stated that he hopes for continuation of mutual cooperation between the two sides.

Further, a group of persons with special needs and their families expressed their happiness that Daam provided them with prosthetic devices. They stressed that they and their families are very happy and emphasized that such devices represent a great help for their life, will enable them to be better and more comfortable and will contribute greatly to their integration into the society.